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Mindfulness-of-Singing-Guided-Breathwork-Meditation-1Mindfulness of Singing - Guided Breathwork Meditation
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This guided breathwork meditation is an extra resource from our book.

We look forward to sharing many more links soon.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy!

Original piano composition “Ode to Shannon” played, narrated, and recorded by Toni.

Post-recording mix by Trevor White.


Dive into a step-by-step process for embracing a mindfulness practice by allowing your raw natural singing voice to be the ultimate bio-feedback tool. Mindfulness and Singing have a natural affinity as they both require a sense of presence. The Mindfulness of Singing; Creating a Harmonious Mind, Body, and Spirit fulfills a dynamic niche in the explosive mindfulness market.

Change your habits, change your life and let singing be the tool that provides you immediate feedback. Readers will be guided through the authors’ four-step “SING Method” which brings awareness to one’s mind, body, and spirit. Applying the actionable hands-on tips creates a vibrant and more fully present lifestyle, which enriches one’s authentic voice.

Denise Bernardini and Toni Crowder are the perfect team to write this book as they have decades of experience in the world of singing, and they have observed the difference mindfulness makes in their own voices and in the lives of their students. They believe that their powerhouse personalities make for an impactful-yet-fun book.


Book Reviews

“Being a professional singer and actor in mainstream musical theatre, I am continually searching for new ways to hone my craft. Focusing on battling the difficulties that sometimes present themselves when we are in practice with our skills has become an invaluable activity. Having tools to use when we feel that negative voice, or experience moments of doubt or challenge, to working freely in our craft, is a game changer.

Breathwork and Biohacking are such essential parts of being a vocal athlete. And The Mindfulness of Singing is undoubtedly an essential tool for anyone’s toolbox that is looking to feel more connected to their performance.”


- Daniel Koek
International Musical Theater Stafor Life.”
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Whether you sing on the stage or in the shower, the hidden treasure of singing is uncovering the mindfulness practice hidden below the surface.

Learn more about this right now on our podcast.

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