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Wouldn’t It Be Great To Go On A Retreat?

Come have a one-of-a-kind experience with us!Tuesday, June 15th from 7:00 – 9:00 EDT


Our playshops are like mini-retreats, only better because there’s no travel, and since your like us – very busy – it’s easy to fit one into a busy person’s schedule. And since we have them several times a year you can always find one that fits your life!

What we will do during our mini-retreat:

  • Have fun – We will spend our time together singing and exploring Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • MediSing – We like this word (we made it up) because it is a perfect description of how we will start with a vocal warmup that’s so sublime you will feel like you are meditating. If you have already experienced MediSIng, we will provide additional tools to further enrich your experience!

  • Go Barefoot – We will encourage you to kick off your shoes and get grounded in a new vocal routine full of exploration, non-judgment, and fun discoveries

  • Sing! – Of course, we will sing. Let us guide you into a new way to discover the power of your voice and the transformative power it possesses.

  • All of this for $49


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