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Ten Minute Experiment – Spring forward with renewed vitality and balance!

Recently, I was performing a sun salutation, and I jumped forward to the front of my mat as I have done a thousand times before; however, this time I landed quite differently! I have been practicing yoga for decades, and I have never had an injury … until then, which was ironically five minutes before my audition to teach at a yoga studio! I somehow managed to crawl to the front of the room, sat on the floor, and taught the class.

For the next two weeks I couldn’t stand up completely straight. While I certainly didn’t want this minor bump in the road, I was determined to learn everything I could from the journey and to speed up my healing. I remembered a podcast we did with Brian Bradley, Vice President of Brand Development for Egoscue.

Egoscue is a postural therapy focusing on balance to eliminate pain. He led us through a brief exercise, and we were amazed at how much better we felt. I decided to go back to the video and do that sequence again and it helped! The goal of balancing postural alignment also had an impact on our mind and spirit as well.

Go ahead, stand up and join us! It will only take ten minutes. The video link is cued right to the sequence, and Denise and I will demonstrate it so you can easily follow along. We also demonstrate pre- and post-tests to analyze your own results. Give this fun experiment a try and see how you feel! We would love to hear about your experience. It just might open you up to express yourself and sing more mindfully.

Cheers to better living through Singing!

Denise and Toni

P.S. – I did get the job, and I am enjoying teaching at Yoga Gypsy. I am also mindfully aware of reminding others to always actively engage their core before jumping to the front of their mat!


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