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Our First Newsletter

Welcome to our very first Mindfulness of Singing Newsletter!

We are so excited to bring you our latest news, ideas and inspirations.

Some things to know and count on:

  1. This is a MONTHLY newsletter – you will not get bombarded!

  2. We will keep it short and sweet.

  3. We will send you something for your Mind, Body and Spirit plus a little “newspiration” about where we are with the book and podcast.

  4. Finally – we would love to hear from you! Want to know something? Do you have a question? Just ask us and we will respond in our following newsletter!

Buckle up! Here we go!


The cost is only $149. More to come on the list of speakers and presenters! Keep an eye out for announcements on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t follow us? Click these links below to join our community.

AND we now have a linkedIn page! Follow us there too!

Also, Denise has a new Ebook on Barnes and Noble. If you are curious about biohacking check this out!

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Thanks in advance for your generosity towards us!


Patrick McKeown’s Latest Book Is Now Available! If you don’t remember who he is you can go back and listen to our podcast with him. He is a New York Times Best Seller and one of the world’s foremost experts on breath. His book Oxygen Advantage rocked our world!

26 simple home-practice breathing exercises for adults, children and teenagers.

A simple, safe, accessible method to gently and consistently improve your quality of life.

Full to bursting with up-to-date research.

Whether you are living with chronic ill health, “just okay” or a sporting superstar.


Denise’s Delicious Brain Bark!

If you like Dark Chocolate and want to reap the brain boosting benefits you will love this quick and easy recipe. Click on the link below.


The Walk to Nowhere – Your Mini Vacation Anytime!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful all day Vipassana silent meditation retreat. Vipassanā or vipaśyanā means “special, super, seeing”, and it is a Buddhist term that is often translated as “insight.” Sitting quietly to meditate for 20 minutes is something I enjoy and I find those types of experiences very enjoyable at a retreat setting.

However, if you have ever taken a walk with me you would know that I naturally have a very fast gate! We were instructed to go on a “walk to nowhere” as a way to take a “mini vacation anytime!” All we had to do was take ten steps forward, turn around and take ten steps backwards and make the process take twenty minutes. Ha, ha. I knew immediately that would be immensely challenging as I can cover a lot of steps in twenty minutes. The goal is to observe EVERYTHING! Is the ball of your foot landing first or your heel? Are you seeing, feeling and sensing EVERYTHING around you? I chose to walk barefoot in a rocky area to find the most resistance possible to slow me down. Give it a try! Can you do it? It turned out to be a cool experience and I learned something along the way on that mini vacation. We hope you are enjoying recharging this summer with actual vacations and we encourage you to try this “mini vacation” as well.

Cheers to better living through Singing!

Denise and Toni


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