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Creating Love Lists for Self-Care

It’s February and we want to talk about love…but not romantic love, rather, self-love and self-care.

Create Your Love List – Denise and I attended a webinar by simplicity author Courtney Carver, about creating Love Lists. We loved that idea!

Love Lists for the Mind

The capacity to love others depends on the capacity to love ourselves. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh – known as the father of mindfulness died on January 22, 2022. We honor his teachings and years of service to the ideas of living a fully present life. May his teaching on the four types of love inspire you to love yourself more fully.

Love Lists for the Body

Selfcare allows us to recharge and enables us to love ourselves and others more fully.

Gift yourself Denise’s DIY Spa day. It comes with recipes for facials, tub soaking, yummy noshes, and mocktails, PLUS you get two guided meditations and a short inspirational read. All you have to do is set aside some time for yourself! The first ten people who request the protocol by emailing Denise at will receive the ebooklet for free.

I found Denise’s simple three-ingredient facial sugar scrub to be an easy and pleasant treat for my face.

Love Lists for the Spirit

Recently Denise overheard me speaking to one of my friends in Italy and she reminded me that I tend to scream at my Italian friends when talking on Zoom. I replied that I just can’t help it as it really feeds my spirit. She replied, “I’ll show you something that feeds my spirit!” and she pulled out this fantastic video from her very first tap lesson!

We hope you will be inspired to kick up your heels and embrace your own love lists of what feeds your soul. By feeding your mind, body, and spirit you will enrich your own mindfulness of singing practice.

Cheers to better living through singing!

Toni and Denise


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