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Ciao, Happy Summer Time!

Whether you are embracing a fun adventure amid the post-pandemic travel craze or enjoying a staycation,.. chances are you will discover a moment when you need a “vacation,” from your vacation… summer reading to the rescue!

Denise and I have a book recommendation that we both literally absolutely inhaled! It was truly a page-turner for both of us! Hang on, I know a personal growth book might not seem like the kind of thriller or romance novel one might consider for summer reading.

But what if the book took you on a grand adventure to exotic lands and at the same time you learned fascinating information along the way. If that appeals to you, then read New York Times bestseller, Breath by James Nestor. We certainly have no financial gain from sharing his book, but we absolutely believe that a better understanding of how we breathe positively impacts both our mindfulness and our singing!

Additional Books

Speaking of books…we are pleased to announce that StudioBos Publishing will be releasing our book this fall! Stayed tuned for more information.

Our upcoming podcast guest, Cassandra Claude wrote the book, A Singer’s Compass; A Journey Exploring The Internal Power of Your Singing. Listen in soon!

If you would love some additional recommendations for books on mindfulness and singing, send us an email and we will gladly send you an entire summer reading list.

Cheers to the mindfulness of singing and lots of good summer reading!



Toni and Denise


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