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Can W.A.T.C.H. bring more awareness into your day?

Here’s a question from “What do the following people have in common: Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, supermarket magnate Frank Outlaw, spiritual teacher Gautama Buddha, and the father of Margaret Thatcher? Each one of these individuals has been credited with versions of the following quote:

Regardless of who said it first, it’s an awesome reminder of the progression of our thoughts and the importance of being mindful of where one simple thought can lead us. Yesterday, I ran across this familiar proverb and when I was trying to identify the original author, I stumbled upon another version of the proverb.

W – Watch your Words. – What words would be good to embrace or release regarding your singing?

– Watch your Actions. – Are your actions in alignment with your goals?

– Watch your Thoughts. – Would you keep a friend who talked to you the way you talk to yourself?

– Watch your Companions. – Since we become like the company we keep, would you want to be like your friends?

– Watch your Habits. – Will your daily habits create the life you want to lead?

Hopefully, these questions are helpful to ponder as we roll into the bittersweet month of August.

It’s an interesting transition where we can embrace the end of summer fun and bring awareness to the possibility of our fall schedule and flurry of new activities. It’s also a great time to step back and recognize what we need to embrace or release from our calendar and to make sure our habits serve us. Consider now how singing and mindfulness can be balanced in your daily schedule.

Cheers to the mindfulness of singing,

Toni and Denise


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