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Our playshops are like mini-retreats, only better because there’s no travel and since you’re like us- very busy- it’s easy to fit into a busy person’s schedule.

All of it was very new to me so I learned a great deal and I took so many notes! I really enjoyed the word association game at the beginning. It served as a nice icebreaker and a way to gently getting us thinking and playing.

Susie S., Texas

Preparation Tips to Recharge & Enjoy the Playshop

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move

  • Clear a space for movement

  • Have three large pillows or several small pillows

  • Bring water

  • Have your cell phone with a downloaded piano app, pitch pipe, or keyboard nearby. Having a device for pitch recall can be helpful, but it is not a necessity to participate

  • An open mind for exploring new ideas

Come Explore

Whether you sing on the stage or in the shower, the hidden treasure of singing is uncovering the mindfulness practice hidden below the surface.

Learn more about this right now on our podcast.

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